2 Diez Merito Sherries called "Great Values" in The Washington Post

Jan 10, 2020

In his January 10 article entitled, "What goes perfectly with nibbles and snacks? Sherry, baby." The Washington Post wine writer Dave McIntyre praised two of the Bodegas Diez Merito Sherries. His introduction notes one of the challenges of selling these ultra-classic wines.

"Sherry remains a niche product in retail stores. That may be a chicken-and-egg issue, as low consumer demand discourages importers from expanding this category with new offerings. But an uptick in demand from sommeliers and cocktail crafters can help bring more labels to market. This week’s recommendations include two sherries from a label new to the U.S. market, through Grapes of Spain importers. The quality across the board is high (emphasis is ours), and we can expect these wines to be more widely available in weeks and months to come..."

Diez-Merito, Pemartin Amontillado
*** (Exceptional) Great Value

Jerez, Spain, $21
Rich and nutty, this lovely amontillado smells and tastes of smoked meat, roasted hazelnuts and wild herbs, all with a creamy texture that coats the mouth. Pair it with hearty dishes such as smoked duck. Alcohol by volume: 18 percent.

Diez-Merito, Victoria Manzanilla
** ½ (between Exceptional and Excellent) Great Value

Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain, $14
Here’s a delicious wine for aperitifs or nibbles, such as marcona almonds and ham. Light gold in color, it boasts a salinity that seems to season the wine and perk up your palate. ABV: 15 percent.

Photo: (Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post)

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