Our philosophy is, from the respect to the earth and the environment that surrounds us, to show the maximum varietal expression .
To deep knowledge and experience, the illusion of turning our passion for wine into a way of life is united, showing in our wines the land where we come with humility and dedication.
Integrated viticulture as a principle of our work, seeking the biological balance through minimal interventionism, allowing the land to express freely.
Our vineyards are located in the Lower Mountain, in the municipality of San Martin de Unx, at altitudes between 500 and 750 meters, characterized by poor soils and Atlantic influences.

Navarra D.O.
      Paal 01 Syrah 2014
      Xi'ipal Gracia Vid Vino de Parcela 2014
      Xi'ipal Syrah Parcela La Celada 2014