Roque Colas was started in 2010 by Carmelo Colas and his two sons Cesar and Mario. Cesar is the winemaker and has been making wine in northern Spain for a number of years before starting this project with his family.

Fruit for the wines is sourced from 12 hectares of vineyard located in Alhama de Aragon, Calatayud. The vineyards are organically farmed and have been certified organic for 14 years. Yields are very low only; 2,000-3,500 kg/ha (from less than 1 ton/acre to about 1.5 tons/acre). The vineyards are mostly 85 year old vine Garnacha, which the family has been growing for 5 generations. They also grow Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon (17 year old vines) at high elevation, 750-800 m, where there are diurnal temperature shifts of up to 20 C.

Calatayud D.O.
      Roque Colas 2011
      Roque Colas 2012