This is the joint venture of Alejandro Luna, Eduardo and Alberto Garcia focused on the production of a unique expression of Mencia. It started with the acquisition and leasing of tiny parcels of vineyards in the village of Dragonte (population 60) in the Bierzo region. The name Paixar comes from local oral tradition where Paixares are high old plantings of vines surrounded by chestnut and oak trees. Vines are planted directly in weathered slate of different colors and are 80+ years old; typically producing about one pound of fruit per vine. The low-vigor, old vines produce fruit with particularly concentrated aromas and powerful, fine tannins. The vineyards are between 2,500 and 3,000 feet above sea level, a key factor in the slow and even ripening of the grapes. Due to the altitude, harvest is typically 15 days later than the rest of Bierzo.

"Just as Priorat was revitalized by a group of pioneers...Bierzo's mencia also gained its fame trhough the work of a passionate group of young winemakers...Alberto and Eduardo Garcia, sons of the Spanish wine guru Mariano Garcia, have joined… Alejandro Luna (owner of Luna Beberide) to create Paixar, a mencia from small blocks of old vines in Dragonte, a mountainous zone of slate soils similar to Corullon. This group of winemakers - all around 30 years old - are the driving force behind Bierzo. They are directly responsible for mencia's fame beyond Galicia and Leon." "The Bierzo Boys" except from a delicate Spanish red Wine & Spirits October 2007

The Paixar Vineyards

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