Bodega Los Astrales began work at the end of 2000 by the hands of the Romera de la Cruz family – a family with 3 generations of wine growers – who were grape suppliers for other wineries but now they bottle their own production. Eduardo Garcia was acting Technical Director from 2000 to 2012. Pepe Hidalgo has been making the wines since the 2013 harvest.

Astrales owns 15 hectares located in Anguix (120 inhabitants) of which 9 are vineyards of 20 to 70 year old vines. During 2003 and 2004, they planted another 14 hectares of Tempranillo. Vines are grown in vaso form with shorter trunks than in most of Ribera del Duero helping to shield the vines from the wind which contributes to the accumulation of polyphenols and sugars. No chemicals are used in the vineyard beyond sulphur and that only if absolutely necessary.

The focus of the winery is to extract all of the character of old vine, head pruned, organically farmed Tinto Fino. The clay soils and cooler than average microclimate are key to producing wines with excellent balance, length, aromatic complexity and fresh acidity.

Astrales Vineyard

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