Toro D.O.

Toro was producing wine as early as the first century BC, with the Greeks noting the quality of the wines. Alfonso the 9th gifted lands to many religious institutions leading to the construction of many churches and other religious structures within the town of Toro. Toro is a late-bloomer in terms of quality and recognition on the international stage. An influx of stainless steel equipment in the last fifteen years has lead to better control in the winery and quality has risen dramatically. The wine is nearly all red; powerful and full of grip.

Climate: The climate is continental with summer temperatures reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and winter temperatures falling to the low teens. Due to the long, hot growing season the fruit tends to have thick skins and be very ripe, both major factors in producing the style of hearty red wines the region is known for.

Soil: Alluvial soils dominate this area with well-draining stony subsoils that are poor in organic matter.

Grape Varities: Tinta de Toro is the main grape now accounting for nearly 75% of the plantings, an increase from ~60% in the mid-1990s.

Wineries in this Region