Almansa D.O.

The region is on the border covering portions of Alicante, Valencia and Murcia. Vineyards were developed here in the 16th Century. The majority of production was shipped to other regions for blending as the wines had copious color and good structure.

Climate: Extreme continental climate with summer temperatures reaching over 100º F and winter temperatures falling to the teens in the winter. Rain averages a scant 14 inches a year.

Soil: Soils are composed of limestone, calcerous soils and some with combinations of clay and limestone.

Grape Varities: Garnacha Tintorera (aka Alicante “Bouschet”) and Monastrell account for the majority of planted vines. These produce dark, ripe and intensely flavored wines. Garnacha Tintorera is one of the very few grapes that has colored flesh and consequently colored juice immediately upon harvest.


Wineries in this Region