Mentrida D.O.

Mentrida is an old growing region that is just finally receiving attention for its old vines of Garnacha. Located southwest of Madrid, the region’s wines were often overlooked due to quality issues. Now with the influx of temperature controlled fermentations and stainless steel tanks, the purity and quality of the old vines fruit can shine.

Climate: The climate is extreme with summer temperatures reaching up to 110 degrees and winter temperatures falling into the 20s.

Soil: The land is generally flat but carved by river and streams into rolling valleys. Soils are clay and sand, the clay derived from limestone and while they have little organic matter they tend to hold water well.

Grape Varities: Garnacha accounts for 80% of cultivated grapes in the area. Other red grapes that are grown in the region include, Cencibel, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. There are very few plantings of white grapes.