Valencia D.O.

One of the most export focused D.O.s in Spain due to the proximity to the port in Valencia. Wine from the region was mentioned by Juvenal in the 2nd century BC. The region produces red, white, rose and sweet wines from 4 distinct subregions.

Climate: The coastal vineyards have a usual Mediterranean climate. The inland growing regions have a more continental climate with temperature swings of 70 degrees Fahrenheit a day possible during the growing season.

Soil: The soils vary considerably by subregion but generally include brown or red, limestone derived soils along with some clay or sand depending on the region.

Grape Varities: In warmer sub-regions that vines are untrained and widely spaced, approximately 8 feet apart. In the cooler sub-regions, the vines are planted in rows with espalier training. Drought resistance is a major factor in the area and specialized root stocks are used to cope with the lack of water. Drip irrigation is now allowed, but is obviously dependent on having water for the system.

Budding vines

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