Valdeorras D.O.

The name Valedeorras, literally translates as valley of gold, likely named for the fact that Romans found and mined gold here. As usual, the Romans also planted vines. Recently, a focus on the native grapes, Mencia and Godello has gained significant momentum. The D.O. was established in 1977.

Climate: The valley is far enough eastward so that there is a balanced of Atlantic and Continental influences. The summers are hot and sunny. There is the possibility of strong storms as cool, wet Atlantic air meets the hot air from the mesa.

Soil: Nearly all of the vineyards are based on the valley floor of the River Sil. As such the majority of the soils are alluvial and water-retentive, there are some outcrops of limestone in some areas.

Grape Varities: The traditional grapes, Mencia, red and Godello, white are the focus of plantings. Most vines are trained low to the ground and unstructured although some are espalier trained. There are some allowed, experimental varieties being planted including Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Tepmranillo. Established plantings include Palomino and Tintorera among others that are not being renewed.

Wineries in this Region